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To produce high-quality scientific and clinical documentation, ensuring the timely success of preclinical and clinical research, early drug market development, and beyond.

Tamar Aprahamian, PhD, Founder of JetPub Scientific Communications

Our Founder: Tamar Aprahamian, PhD

  • B.S. in Biology - Boston College
  • Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular, Developmental Biology - Tufts University
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Awarded competitive NIH and foundation grants 
  • Academic experience - Boston University School of Medicine
  • Industry experience as Principal Scientist/Preclinical Team Lead 
  • Reviewer experience for study sections and academic journals
  • Published 37 original research and review articles
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Our Team

  • Native English speakers with Ph.D. degrees 
  • 10+ years of academic and/or industry experience 
  • Published in high impact scientific journals  
  • Awarded competitive grant funding
  • Reviewers for journals of various medical specialties
  • Mentored graduate students, post-docs, and fellows



JetPub Scientific can save you time medical writing.

Publications, grants, and presentations are crucial at any stage.  Let JetPub help you advance your career one writing project at a time.



We offer strategic support at each step of the process: 

from document structure through targeted messaging.

The JetPub Blog

Welcome to JetPub's blog - reporting on the latest happenings, scientific discoveries, medical writing tips, and more. 

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